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Once our Transport Consulting Team have completed the preliminary planning for your heavy transport project, a test drive of the proposed route will be undertaken.  Used for the transportation of wind turbine components and abnormal loads, these test drives are used to establish the route suitability, or to show areas where modifications are required to enable the passage of the proposed vehicle and load.

The loaded vehicles simulate the correct dimensions as would be required for the actual movement and any projections either in length, width or height are assembled to the trailer.  All projections are designed to allow for easy reduction in size if required whilst on the public roads, this allows for quicker and smoother manoeuvrability reducing the impact on other road users.

Cameras are fitted to multiple locations both on and following the vehicles to accurately capture the test drive.  These cameras can be controlled remotely to ensure that the path of the vehicle and any projections are monitored along the whole route tested.

Prior to the test drive taking place, our Transport Consulting Team will have in place a traffic management plan which will identify areas where the vehicle will require any reduction in length, manual steering or use of the full width of the road, and to identify the appropriate start point.

Our test drive services include undertaking the management of all necessary Special Order Permits and notifications to police, Highways, utilities and local authorities.  Once all the notifications and permits are in place our Team will supply a specialist tractor and extendable/steerable trailer equipment designed to emulate the loaded vehicle and test drive the proposed route(s) to determine suitability.  Video recording of the test drive will be undertaken as required followed by full editing and final cut production supplied for reporting purposes.

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